2011 Wedding Dress Trends

From Romantic Ball Gowns to Mini Dresses

2011 wedding dress trends have been nothing less than thrilling, with an influx of vintage rings, indie style wedding photos, and tantalizing wedding dresses. Bridal boutique sites with online wedding dresses give any bride-to-be easy access to the latest and greatest creations by top designers. The following wedding dress trends have taken the bridal industry by storm, and have given brides a plethora of fashion forward styles to choose from.

Flowers, flowers everywhere! With an abundance of blooming flowers amongst the new wedding trends finding their way onto 2011 wedding gowns, you’d think bridal gown designers had a special affinity for gardening. Some gowns have even been designed to emulate a giant flower, while others are resplendent with cabbage roses, silk petals, and flowers of all varieties. Don’t be surprised if you see a bride making her way down the aisle in a gown completely covered in rose buds, from the top of her bodice to the tip of her toes.

Another ubiquitous style that has found its way into 2011 is ideal for romantic brides who love lace, chiffon, tulle, light-weight taffeta, and organza. If you want to float down the aisle in a dreamy gown comprised of feather-light materials, then you’ve got a lot of styles to choose from. The dreamiest of the romantic gowns this year are adorned with intricate and simple embellishments and embroidery. You also won’t find a shortage of lace. Designer Elizabeth Fillmore’s 2011 creations seem as though they were plucked straight out of a romantic’s fantasy. One Fillmore design, was a tea-stained lace empire wedding dress, which encapsulated what a true romantic style wedding gown should be.

Belle of the Ball
Hooray for big ball gowns! This trend is large and in charge on the 2011 bridal gown runways. For brides who have always dreamed of looking like Cinderella on their big day, this style is for you. The great news is that these large gowns are still lightweight regardless of their size, due to the fact that they are made from sheer fabrics such as tulle, point d’esprit, and organza. Pnina Tornai debuted numerous designs that were reminiscent of something Marie Antoinette would have worn. Tornai’s creations had rather large hoop skirts and were deemed to be “statement ball gowns,” a term that you should learn now if you want to be in the 2011 bridal fashion loop.

Show a Little Leg
Another bridal fashion forward style is one that shows skin, specifically legs. This style ranges in length from mini, super mini, and back down to knee length. Brides with fantastic stems should snag this style and make it your own. One designer in particular, Priscilla of Boston, dropped jaws with a wedding hot-pant romper. If brides can get away with wearing shorts down the aisle this year, then it should be interesting to see what’s in store for 2012. The shorter length gowns often come as separates, like designer Melissa Sweet’s delicate blouses and multi-layered mini-skirts.

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