Beach Wedding Attire

Dress, Shoes & Hair Ideas for Brides Walking Down a Sandy Aisle

The sound of waves crashing, the picturesque backdrop and the scent of sea salt in the air—it's no surprise that you want your wedding to take place at the beach. But how can you ensure your wedding-day look mirrors the natural beauty that surrounds you? The following tips will help you choose a wedding dress, shoes and hairstyle that fit in perfectly with your surroundings and knock the socks off your wedding guests... if they’re not digging into the sand already!

Beach Wedding Dress
You have several options that fit the beach scene when choosing your wedding dress. Look for flowy fabrics that breathe and are more on the slinky side—they'll keep you cool under the sun and accentuate the easy-going vibe of your beach wedding. Think a "hippie-meets-empire-waist" cut in fabrics like cotton, linen and silk that catch the sea breeze with ease. If you're looking for something more traditional, opt for an A-line cut that drops all the way to the sandy floor. Strapless is a popular neckline for beach weddings because it keeps you cool and allows you to show off your beautiful shoulders.

Still not sure which kind of beach wedding dress you want? Let the location and season help you make your decision. Getting married in Waikiki? Is it late June with temperatures in the 80's? Consider "beach casual" with a Hawaiian twist: look for a one-shoulder or spaghetti-strap dress with a flowing silhouette and say "Aloha" to your new mate wearing a beautiful white lei. You can break the rules, too. A traditionalist getting married in this same setting might chose an A-line, strapless white dress—even though most of your wedding party and guests will be decked out in linen pants and Hawaiian shirts, you'll be making your own statement.

Beach Wedding Shoes
Shoes or no shoes, that is the question. If your ceremony will take place in the sand your best option is to go barefoot. (Stilettos are not recommended, for obvious reasons!) When it’s time to hit the hardwood dance floor, flip-flops will keep your feet from getting dirty and preserve your French pedicure. Don't just wear any regular flip-flops—look for a pair that stands out on your special day, like a white platform wedge with silver crystals. If you want a more formal feel you can always slip on a pair of strappy sandals with a slight heel.

Beach Wedding Hair
If the heat is on, put your hair up! Because the salt in the air and the heat might prevent your hair from staying put, you’ll be more comfortable and your hairstyle will last longer if it’s a relaxed up-do. Remember that beach elements are going to bring out your natural hair type. Instead of fighting the frizz or curl, work with it. For someone with coarse curly hair, don't smooth it down, because the curl will come out regardless. Let ringlets do what they do best: cascade down and frame your face.

Flowers for Your Hair
Goodbye veil and tiara, hello flowers! Your options are limitless when picking flowers to add a little something sweet to your hairstyle. Daisies and orchids are safe bets, but if you’re going for a more tropical look, Birds of Paradise will kick up the style and color palette a couple notches. Or, wear a lei around your head like a Polynesian crown.

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