History of the Wedding Dress

One of the most fascinating aspects of the traditional wedding ceremony and reception is that it is rich in history, and that many of the original traditions are still practiced in today’s modern world. For example, traditional wedding dresses, although they vary in style, are still worn by modern American brides.

Social Status: Over centuries past and present, traditional wedding gowns that brides have chosen reflected their social status. Wealthier brides would typically choose gowns in the forefront of fashion, made from only the most expensive materials. Brides at the other end of the social spectrum would typically wear their loveliest church dress.

Style: Wedding gown styles have varied greatly over the years. For example, the Victorian Era produced full poufy gowns with intricate designs, and in the 1920s-1940s bridal dresses were usually longer in the back and shorter in the front. Modern day styles include a mixture of designs inspired from different eras, and continue to change and progress with every season.

Color: The traditional white wedding gown was meant to symbolize the bride’s virginity. The white wedding gown is still the most popular color pick for modern weddings, but is not required. Gowns are now offered in essentially any color the bride chooses.

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