Selecting Your Wedding Day Shoes
A Guide to Bridal Footwear

Ever since Prince Charming slid a glass slipper onto Cinderella’s foot, shoes have played an all-important role in journeys of the heart. On your wedding day, your shoes should both complement that perfect dress and be comfortable footwear for your big day. Consider your dress, your site and your figure, and you won’t put the wrong foot forward.

First things first: Whichever shoes you end up wearing, break them in before your ceremony. Make sure they’re comfortable for walking in.  Before you buy, know what you’re slipping into. In general, a “low heel” is considered to be less than 2 ½ inches.  “Mid heels” go up to 3 ½ inches. Beyond that, you’re wearing “high heels.” Stilettos are generally about 6 inches high, and are considered by some to be “a bit much” for bridal attire. Pumps vary in height, and tend to be less-formal as they’re considered “suit” attire.

Do not opt for high heels if you’re terribly uncomfortable in them. Also, before picking out a style, think about the type of shoes that make you feel glamorous. Do you have killer gams? Then higher heels (mixed with a short dress) could be a great idea. Think your pedicured nails are to die for? Go for an open-toe look.

The general fashion shoe rule is that heels flatter all figures; whether you want to wear them is another story. Nowadays, flats are more popular than they ever were, and perfectly acceptable for formal occasions. You can wear them with just about any outfit, including a ball gown. Many brides wear heels for the walk down the aisle, then switch to something more comfortable for the reception (if you chose to do this, make sure that the second pair is roughly the same heel size as the first, so as not to alter the look of your dress).

Pumps look great on second-time brides, or with stylish cocktail attire.  For beach weddings or park ceremonies, re-think the heel: Your shoes will sink in the mud or the sand. Flats or sexy, strappy sandals might be the more sensible choice.  If you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes, but they don’t match the color of your perfect dress, ask if they can be dyed to match (Hint: This goes for bridesmaids’ shoes as well.) Once the shoe fits, it’s a cakewalk to say “I do.”
-David Toussaint