Short Skirted Wedding Gowns

Deciding Whether a Shorter Skirt is Appropriate for You

Weddings will always be about love, togetherness, and celebrating your new life together. The particular aspects of ceremonies, however, change from year to year, from where people honeymoon to what they wear. While there was a time when a short-skirted wedding gown was considered taboo for a formal affair, nowadays, many designers are incorporating them into chic, fabulous dresses that are equally as fitting at the Plaza as they would be in your own backyard.

The trend isn’t so much baffling as it is a reflection of changing tastes. “Fashion has changed dramatically over the past 20 years,” says Janet Naples, a fashion retailer in Miami. “Nowadays, people are more interested in what looks good than what they were once told is appropriate. In a sense, anything goes as long as you can pull it off.”

A big reason women opt for shorter skirts is to show off slender, gym-toned bodies. If your gams are gawk-worthy, find a dress that puts them on display. Short, tight skirts also emphasize thin waistlines and large bust lines.

As always, shorter outfits make sense for subdued, second-time weddings or for long-distance, more casual affairs. If you’re marrying in Hawaii or the Caribbean, that floor-length gown might be a bit too hot for your ceremony, ditto the beach celebration in Miami. Shorter dresses are also great for cocktail-party weddings, especially if your bridesmaids wear a similar style, slightly less formal and in a different color, natch.

Before you throw that floor-length gown back and try on the mini-skirt dress, keep a few factors in mind. Most important, of course, is longevity. Your wedding photos are going to last a lifetime, and make sure any outfit you pick has a classic look to it. (Check out Madonna’s short, poufy wedding dress to her marriage to Sean Penn to get a sense of how dated the ‘80s look was.)

You should also consider how comfortable you are going to feel in a shorter outfit, knowing everyone in the ceremony is looking at you. If you are marrying in a house of worship, think about whether or not the environment will make you self-conscious. There’s also the family angle to mull over. If your mother, or grandmother, or an aunt or even close friend, is going to faint if she sees your bare legs, you might decide it’s not worth the fuss.

A final idea: Get two dresses, one long and formal, one short and sleek. You can wear the second one for the reception, when the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed, and photographers are still snapping away. It’s a good way to keep a leg up if you’re having “mini” second thoughts.

-David Toussaint

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