2 Opposite, Stunning Destinations

Exploring Costa Rica and Prague

Costa Rica.
Beaches, volcanic eruptions, national parks, rainforests, and adventure: it is no surprise that Costa Rica is constantly rated among the top destination wedding locations. The people are lovely and the prices are reasonable. Make sure to plan your wedding during the dry season, which is December through April as it can get very wet during the rainy season. Also, take into account the humidity, as this can unfortunately affect your hair. Remember that orchids are native to Costa Rica, so include them in your floral arrangements. Also, the sun sets at around 6pm, in case you want your ceremony during a beautiful sunset.

If you are not keen on beach destination weddings or island weddings, Prague is the way to go. Prague has quickly become one of the top destination wedding locations since the fall of communism, and many choose it for the romance of Golden Prague and the City of 1,000 Spires. Because it is a highly cosmopolitan area, most people in Prague speak English. Guests can also take bus trips to visit the stunning countryside while you and your bridesmaids could spend a few days pampering in of the Czech Republic’s excellent spas. Remember, you will need to figure out some of the legalities of getting married in a foreign country. Speak to the person officiating your wedding to see what needs to be done—you will need to set aside some time to research the process.

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