3 Reasons to Postpone the Honeymoon

So You can Enjoy it More

The idea of taking a honeymoon directly after a wedding celebration is relatively new. Fifty years ago, typical newlyweds might book a couple nights in a hotel not far from their home; their honeymoon planning rarely consisted of an elaborate ten days in Maui. Here are a few reasons newlyweds (especially ones who are paying for their own wedding and honeymoon) should not succumb to the pressures to take a long vacation right after their wedding:

  1. Wedding budget: Most couples, because of wedding expenses, are on a pretty tight budget. Going on a big trip right after the wedding is not always the wisest financial decision.

  2. You will be exhausted after the wedding: physically, mentally and emotionally. Many couples say that they sleep for days straight after their wedding. If you planned a honeymoon in Spain, you can enjoy it more if you have had time process the recent events of the wedding.

  3. You will have more time to enjoy the honeymoon planning after you have settled into married life and caught up financially. Even just two months can make a big difference. (Remember that you can book a hotel for a couple nights right after the wedding to escape from the chaos and catch up on sleep, knowing that in a few months you will have a cruise to look forward to, or a week in Italy).
1/25/2011 2:02:42 PM

Delayed Honeymoon

Makes sense...we are considering going on a honeymoon 3-6 months after our wedding...we are paying for the wedding on our own for the most part, so this makes it easier....I also suspect that I will be exhausted for a few weeks after the wedding ;-).