Affordable Honeymoon Package Ideas

Head to South Carolina, New Orleans or Alaska!

After planning a wedding, the thought of an expensive honeymoon is difficult to deal with. Consider choosing from affordable honeymoon packages at one of the following locations.

South Carolina
This is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to honeymoon vacation packages. South Carolina is full of gorgeous beaches, excellent seafood, beach front rental properties, and quaint bed and breakfasts (at some excellent prices). When honeymoon planning, consider activities bike riding, golfing, hiking, or exploring plantations.

New Orleans
This is one of the most mystical, fun and unique cities in the United States (in fact, you will hardly feel like you are in the U.S.!) There are tons of festivals, including Mardi Gras and an annual Jazz festival. The French quarter is full of history, culture, and cafés selling the signature beignets (fried dough topped with powdered sugar) and coffee. There are many excellent restaurants downtown, and you can have amazing Cajun food for some excellent prices (or you can take a cooking class as newlyweds and learn how to make authentic dishes yourselves). In the evening, listen to live jazz music in the many clubs and bars.

Alaskan Cruise
Countless people who have taken Alaskan cruises say that the beauty of Alaska is unrivaled. You can find some affordable honeymoon packages if you are flexible with your dates. With cruises, you don’t have to hassle with rentals cars or figuring out where you are going to eat; everything is already taken care of.