All-Inclusive Honeymoons

Is a Full Honeymoon Package Right For You?

If you're worn out from planning your wedding, you might not be ready to jump into arranging the honeymoon. All-inclusive trips can do the work for you by providing transportation, hotels, and meals in one package. They may also save you money on rates and activities, but they're not right for everyone.

What's covered?
All-inclusive vacations can range from packages that cover every aspect of your trip to resorts that charge extra for activities and tours. In general, most offers include accommodations, transfers and ground transportation, meals, activities, and entertainment. Airfare, additional excursions, taxes, spa treatments, and shopping are usually not included. Cruise ships often charge extra for drinks and onshore expeditions. Each vacation is different, so read the fine print and ask questions to avoid being surprised by additional charges.

It may be for you if...
you're on a budget. Many packages offer you a discount if you book everything at once. Plus, you have the benefit of knowing in advance exactly how much you will be spending on your vacation.

you just want to relax. Arranging for airport pickups, scheduling tours, and making reservations at local restaurants can be stressful if you are an inexperienced traveler, or if the honeymoon will be your first trip with your husband. Book an all-inclusive vacation and all you’ll need to worry about is what drink to order while you’re lounging poolside.

you want to try something new without worrying about the cost. An expansive buffet or any array of free activities could tempt you and your husband to try a new sport or sample a local delicacy.

you want to visit an exotic location. Are you longing to honeymoon in Africa but intimated by arranging the trip? An all-inclusive safari could allow you to explore the savanna stress free!

Re-think it if...
you're a finicky eater. If the hotel restaurant or cruise ship buffet is not to your liking, you might find yourself trapped in a bad situation or forced to pay for outside meals in addition to the cost of your package. Check to see if you can preview the menu.

you like to get off the beaten path. If all of the amenities and activities are located at your resort, you might be less likely to explore the unique attractions and culture of the location.

you get bored easily.
If you like to be in control of your trip, you will probably be frustrated at the lack of options that some packages offer.  See if there are multiple restaurants and activities included, or if you’ll be locked in to one plan.

Packages range greatly in style, location and price. Think about what’s most important to you on your honeymoon, so you’ll ask the right questions.

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