California Honeymoon Destinations

Consider San Francisco, San Diego, and Sonoma County

If you love the California coast, or the idea of a romantic getaway in the heart of the wine country, then a California honeymoon might be right up your alley. Due to its diversity, California is saturated with honeymoon spots that offer myriad activities, backdrops, and jaw dropping scenery. Use the following honeymoon ideas to help narrow down your top California honeymoon locations.

San Francisco: Give your hubby a San Francisco treat and visit this bustling, beautiful city. It offers more than twenty museums, countless theaters, a thriving nightlife and some of the best restaurants in the country. If you choose SF, make sure to visit the upscale area called the Marina District, which offers insatiable restaurants and fun boutiques.

San Diego: San Diego’s superb coastline and warm climate make it a prime California honeymoon location. If you and your hubby want to be in the thick of the California beach scene, (perhaps you’re surfers?), then San Diego is your spot! San Diego offers countless elegant hotels, posh restaurants, and countless upscale as well as beachy boutiques.

Sonoma County: If the thought of relaxing in a romantic verdant countryside with only the best wine right at your fingertips, then this is the spot for you! Located approximately 30 miles north of San Francisco, this destination offers picturesque landscapes, some of which offer views of the Pacific Ocean, Lake Sonoma, Redwood forests, or the Russian River. Not to mention the rolling hills lush with miles of grapevines and fresh produce.

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