Destination Wedding Locations: Kauai

An Unrivaled Backdrop of Natural Beauty in Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii, is one of the most mystical, magical places on the planet. As far as destination wedding locations are concerned, Kauai is unrivaled as a backdrop of natural beauty. It is filled with waterfalls, stunning beaches, an incredible canyon, and the breathtaking Napali coastline.

  • There are some amazing lookout points and drives that your guests will enjoy (particularly, the road to Kalalau Point).

  • You can have excellent seafood (try the famous hole-in-the-wall Shrimp Station, where they prepare shrimp almost every way you can imagine!)

  • One of the best things about Kauai (as compared to other Hawaiin islands) is that it is much less touristy, and a lot less busy (It was a big deal when a Costco and Borders bookstore opened several years ago). As far as destination wedding locations go, this is definitely a true escape.

  • For those who love hiking, Kauai has some of the most spectacular scenic hikes in the world. Do be cautious if the island has just gotten more rain than usual, because the clay tends to get very slippery and can be dangerous for hikers.

  • If you want a tropical wedding, Kauai is known to be the rainiest spot on the planet. The dramatic North Shore (near Princetown) is almost always getting rain, but if you drive just a few miles toward Poipu Beach, it is often clear (and is perhaps a better spot for outdoor beach wedding locations).