Getting Married in South America
Destination Wedding Ideas for Brazil, Chile & Argentina
If you are planning a destination wedding and want to get married somewhere that is full of culture, look no further than South America. Many countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela are quickly becoming favorites among destination wedding planners. Be on the lookout for all inclusive wedding packages that save you and your guests money and allow you to completely relax and celebrate!

  • Brazil is a gorgeous country with spectacular landscapes and invigorating cities! Rio de Janeiro is known for its carnival season. It is also close to Copacobana Beach and a huge national park filled with stunning tropical vegetation and waterfalls. The Amazon covers a large portion of the country, and is wonderful for day trips and excursions.

  • Chile. Destination wedding planners love Chile for its amazing selection of wine, whether it is red, white, or sparkling. Another great wedding drink is the pisco sour, a brandy made from grapes that is mixed with lemon juice, powdered sugar and egg whites. Chile also has a breathtaking coastline and a wealth of national parks.

  • Argentina. History and art lovers will love this country, where the city of Cordoba has a famous historical museum and many streets are lined with colonial buildings. In Buenos Aires, guests can attend many ballets, operas, and classical music performances at the Teatro Colón. Weddings in Argentina also naturally lend themselves to vibrant colors and romantic dances like the tango.
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