Honeymoon Adventures: Scuba Diving
Plan an Underwater Adventure on Your Honeymoon

Many couples, high on a sense of adventure, like to try something new on their honeymoon.  They may plan their destination around a particular activity, or explore whichever new culture they find themselves in.

Scuba diving is a wonderful honeymoon activity if you’re the kind of couple who thinks relaxing means working out, climbing mountains, skiing, or jumping out of airplanes. In other words, it’s not for the drinks-by-the-pool set.

But it isn’t all work: once you’re underwater the spectacle is overwhelmingly beautiful.  Being that close to a part of nature that we are usually so separated from, and which is so graceful and colorful, can make the effort it took to get there immediately worthwhile.

Take the plunge.
Before you shop for flippers, it’s important to know that scuba diving is a strenuous activity that takes lots of work, time, patience, and official certification. (At most resorts, you can take a one-day scuba plunge, which is fun, but it does not count toward your certification.) Certification can be an arduous task—the book alone is textbook-size—and there will be daily tests. Most couples opt to study the book ahead of time and take initial courses at home. The final “exams,” then, are in the sea at your resort. The advantage of this route is that you won’t be spending those precious honeymoon nights planning for the next day’s quiz. You can also stay at a dive resort and take a cram course—this typically takes three to four days.

PADI is the most recognized scuba outfit in the world. Should they certify you, you’ll be recognized as a qualified diver almost everywhere in the world. Padi has an online course for $120, which takes care of the basics. You will then be charged an additional rate by your hotel for the rest of the course. Unless you’re certain scuba is for you, rent the equipment you need—the gear can get quite expensive.

Underwater love.

There are many hot spots for scuba diving, the most popular being Bonaire and Curacao in the Caribbean, the Great Barrier Reef, Cozumel, Belize, Australia, and, in the United States, Florida. Some of these places are more difficult than others—Cozumel, for examples, is known for its wicked currents, and usually attracts more advanced divers.

Talk to your hotel about level of difficulty, and don’t take chances; any good instructors and resorts will want your experience to be both wonderful and safe.

And the best way to have fun while being safe is planning ahead: Take a course before you leave for your honeymoon, practice your swimming, and even register for scuba gear.  You’ll be rewarded with plenty of adventure, amazing underwater photos, and shopping for a really cute bikini.  Now hit the books and check out how hot your new hubby looks in his wet suit.

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