Honeymoon Skydiving Adventures

What You Need to Know about Courses & Requirements for “Taking the Plunge”

Honeymoons trips can vary from a serene week by a Caribbean pool, to a more active wine tour, to the thrill of jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. Skydiving has always had a large following, or falling, and thrill-seeking newlyweds take to it like a summer breeze.

Much like skiing or scuba-diving, skydiving is a little more complicated than picking out matching sunglasses. Companies that certify you are concerned with safety first, and you’ll start with a series of tandem dives (in which you’re falling with an attached instructor). After you complete those sessions, you take a ground course on the rules, and, assuming all goes well, you’ll be set to free fall. Since tandem dives take several days to complete, and you need to factor in weather and other unexpected delays, such as illness, it’s common to complete the tandem courses first, then do the more experienced skydiving after you’re married.

Another great idea is to find out if your honeymoon destination offers nearby tandem dives, so you can spend one or two days on your honeymoon up in the air. You won’t get to free fall, but it’s a fantastic way to celebrate your new life together.

For reputable skydiving outfits (and check with the Better Business Bureau before you enroll in any course), you don’t have to submit to a physical, and it’s up to the instructors to determine when you’re ready and able. If you have heart conditions or any other physical limitations, it’s advisable that you speak to your physician before enrolling in a skydiving class. While you generally have to be 18 to dive, there’s no maximum age; if you’re getting remarried at 70, you can still give it a go.

Skydiving is extremely popular in honeymoon destinations like Hawaii, California, Florida, and the Caribbean. Generally, the more tourist-oriented your spot is, the more you’ll pay. Individual dives can range from about $150 to $300, adding up to more than a thousand dollars for free-falls. For the most affordable options, do a search on skydiving (there are more than 400 schools in the United States), and try to find a less-commercial outfit near your destination. Happy Landing!

-David Toussaint

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