Honeymoon Surprise: The Name Game

Surprise Your Husband with New Lingerie Each Night

There are a ton of fun honeymoon ideas to help you add an element of surprise and romance to your special trip. There is one surprise in particular, called The Name Game, that starts the first night of your honeymoon and lasts every night until it’s time to pack up and head back home.

About the game.
This honeymoon surprise is kind of like a game, hence the name. What you need to play this game on your honeymoon is different lingerie outfits, or sultry undergarments for each night that you’ll be on your honeymoon. For example, if you and your husband are staying for seven nights in Hawaii, then you’ll need seven different lingerie outfits.

How to prepare and play.
About two months prior to your bachelorette party, ask your party guests if they wouldn’t mind contributing to this game by bringing a lingerie outfit as your bachelorette gift. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, then request that your maid of honor send out an email telling the girls about the game. Since they’ll most likely buy you a gift anyway, this gives them direction and specifics on what to get, which actually makes it easier for them to pick out something you’ll love. Then, after you open each gift, have your guests collectively name each outfit, and write the name on two small labels. For example, one name could be “Pure Romance.” Let the style of the outfit inspire the name.

Make sure to have two labels per lingerie outfit. One that goes in a bag that your hubby will pick from each night, and one that is attached to the outfit itself.


You and your husband will experience these honeymoon surprises every single night of your trip. Each night, ask your husband to pick a label out of a bag and read the name out loud. Once he does this, then it’s your job to go find that outfit, and to wear it that night to bed.

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