Honeymooning During a Recession

Planning Your Vacation for a Later Date

One of the most exciting adventures of getting married is that fantastic honeymoon you’ve been planning since Mom and Dad fell for Niagara Falls. But one of the realities of your wedding is the budget you’ve set, and sometimes honeymoon expenses aren’t covered in the plan.

The good news is that, in today’s world, you’re no longer expected to take your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony. Costs aside, many couples prefer to postpone the vacation due to job conflicts, moving, or simply because they want to settle into their new lives before heading off to paradise.

If you don’t have the money for your honeymoon, delay it until a more affordable time. The last thing you need when beginning a new life together is piled-up debt. Many couples opt to wait a year, which gives you time to save, and has the added benefit of coinciding with your anniversary.

 If you go this route, there’s no rule that says you can’t start planning now. Traveling to Europe or the Caribbean? The earlier you investigate, the better deals you’ll find. The other advantage to waiting is that your planning won’t be rushed, and you can seek out all the spots you’re intent on visiting. You also have more time to make sure passports and any necessary medical needs are in order.

Should you want to honeymoon ASAP, you can go somewhere locally, like a nearby B&B or guest cottage. There’s usually no stress attached to these trips, as you won’t need to book airfare, etc., and you won’t be signing up for sight-seeing tours and other tiring events. Should you wish, you can still plan a more extensive honeymoon at a later time.

Another option is to register for travel. Find a tour operator you’re interested in, then set up an account where guests “gift” you money that goes toward your trip. Your friends and loved ones can contribute any amount they choose, so you’re not requiring them all to spend a certain amount of money. (Do register somewhere else, as guests like to have a variety of gift options.)

Once you decide to postpone your honeymoon, there’s no need to tell people it’s for budget reasons—and most guests won’t ask. Should the question arise, simply state that you’ve decided you’d much rather stay at home right now, as you’re already living in the perfect paradise!

-David Toussaint

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