Honeymooning in Columbia

A Great Location for Coffee Lovers

If you're looking for great honeymoon locations in South America, Colombia is an excellent choice—especially if you love coffee, mountain or water sports, and touring old colonial cities. Here are a few reasons to include Colombia in your top honeymoon locations:

  1. Colombia is home to a large number of resorts of impeccable quality, so you get the most out of your money.

  2. There are many gorgeous small towns and colonial cities for those who love history, including Cartagena, Barichara, Villa de Leiva, Popoyan, GIron, Mongui, and Guane. You can spend hours roaming the streets and enjoying beautiful hillside views. Much of the architecture in these towns has been well preserved. For those who love to hike, there is a stone path connecting Barichara to Guane.

  3. The Zona Cafetera, or coffee country, is located around the village of Salento, where you can tour coffee farms (often run by families), hike in the Corcora Valley, and of course, sip a cup of excellent coffee.

  4. Colombia’s Caribbean Coast is full of white sand beaches, gorgeous bays, and even the stunning Tayrona National Park.

  5. The people of Colombia are warm, welcoming and friendly, and the food is incredible. When it comes to affordable honeymoons, Colombia is difficult to beat.

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