Honeymooning in Mexico

Planing a Lovely Honeymoon South of the Border

Mexico is one of those places that is really very close, yet seems a world away when you’re there. It’s a place rich in culture, scenic views and delicious food, while being relatively inexpensive. Besides all of its fantastic offerings, it is an extremely popular place to vacation (for people of all ages), which makes it a prime spot for travel agencies to offer deals that you simply cannot pass up.

Where to go in Mexico.
Mexico is a country chock full of hot-spot destinations offering newlyweds white, sandy beaches, blazing hot sun, charming shops, hiking and sight seeing. Whether you’re thinking of the East coast, West coast or the Baja California Peninsula, you will surely find a place that suits you, and a few other holiday hideaways for future trips down the coast.

Some of the country’s most popular vacations spots (where many deals are to be made and enjoyed) include the beach destination of choice, Los Cabos located on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula; the infamous Caribbean-coastal Cancun, known for its tourist-partying ways; the Yucatan’s massive pre-Columbia archeological site, Chichen Itza, where you will discover ancient treasures and life-long memories; and the West coast’s bayside resort-destination of choice for many Mexico vacationers, Puerto Vallarta.

Steal a deal.
It’s no secret that weddings cost a fortune, and you would prefer that the honeymoon did not. Well, because this is an all-too-familiar situation, honeymoon vacations have been packaged into one-shot deals with all-inclusive benefits that make your getaway a one-check wonder that doesn’t break the bank.

As far as finance goes, Mexico cleans up! Known for being a place where the American dollar can go far (as apposed to Europe, where the exchange rate does not go in our favor), you may find that you can afford an exotic getaway!

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Want to go to Chiapas, Mexico to see the waterfalls!