Honeymooning Somewhere Warm

This is a sponsored article by Delta Vacations about warm weather destinations for weddings and honeymoons.  Delta Vacations offers convenient, affordable vacations with hotel stays, rental car, sightseeing and entertainment, escorted tours, and more.  Contact them through DeltaVacations.com, 1-866-238-5378, or your travel agent.

When talking about your honeymoon, have you ever said “I want to go somewhere warm?” Almost every bride says it, or at least wishes it, and we understand that. You’ve been dreaming of your own special getaway for years, and you want it to be perfect—the vacation of your dreams.

Besides going somewhere warm, what are your must-haves? Here’s a checklist to help you find the most perfect place for you and your groom.

  • Are you thinking of a destination close to home, such as Florida or California, or are you leaning more toward heading to a tropical island?

  • Out of these 3 destinations—Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean—which one appeals to you more?

  • Are you looking for a laid-back, beachy Caribbean feel? A bustling, vibrant, and colorful U.S.A. vibe? Or a magical, adventurous European ambiance?

  • Do you have a passport?

  • What sounds better? Lounging on the beach or going exploring?

  • What are your personal interests?

  • Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort?

  • Is your honeymoon going to be a short or long trip? Have you factored in travel time?

  • What time of year are you honeymooning? Is that during spring break? Hurricane season?

Take time to answer these questions—it might help you decide which destination is best for your honeymoon getaway. The LIFESTYLE Collection specialists from Delta Vacations® are also on hand to help you determine which place is best for you.

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