Island Honeymoon Hot Spots

Popular Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

After the stress of planning the wedding, a paradise island honeymoon may be just the relaxation you need. Check out these popular tropical honeymoon destinations.

Island Honeymoon Hot Spots

  • Bora Bora, Tahiti
    Enjoy a luxury honeymoon complete with a private over-the-water bungalows where you can literally step out your front door into clear blue waters. Spend your days snorkeling and your evenings listening to the sound of the ocean.

  • Hawaii
    A Hawaiian honeymoon won't be inexpensive, but it also won't require a passport. You're just a plane ride away from surf, sand, volcanoes and waterfalls. Whether you want to spend you're island honeymoon sunbathing or bike riding down volcanoes, you'll find it on one of the islands.

  • Fiji
    Enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Fijian people while you wander from one secluded beach to another. Fiji has 300 islands, including the famous Turtle Island that only allows 14 couples at a time.

  • Jamaica
    You'll find plenty of all-inclusive resorts here to make budgeting a breeze. For couples looking for more affordable options, this is one of the few tropical honeymoon destinations that provides packages at several price points.

  • Bali
    Although tourists from all over the world have discovered the natural beauty of this island paradise, the local culture remains strong. Enjoy luxurious pampering of the body balanced with a quiet peace of mind.

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