Planning a Gay Honeymoon
Preparing for the Honeymoon to Your Same-Sex Wedding

You’re married and queer, where do you go from here? Gay honeymoons are all the rage these days, and now that you’ve wed the man or woman of your dreams, go where the heart takes you.

Surprisingly, the honeymoon world is extremely accepting of gay couples, and the travel world wants you. This means you can honeymoon as a same-sex couple at Disney, in Vegas, even Niagara Falls. (Disney will even provide a honeymoon package for same-sex couples.) Make sure you do not hide your sexuality; if you decide on a place, call them and let them know you are gay and on your honeymoon. If there is any sense of caution on their part, hang up. Once at the site, expect to be treated like the queen and queen you are; any good honeymoon destination will provide amenities like champagne, chocolates, flowers to newlyweds -- here’s where a travel agent comes in handy, as they can tell the resort you’re just married.

That said, you do want to make sure the place you visit is homo-friendly, as you don’t want last-minute surprises. (But here’s a pleasant surprise: There are resorts in Jamaica and Mexico that cater to gay people; don’t rule out a spot because you’re heard negative reports.) A smart move is to contact the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, and find out if your destination is on the “okay” list. Sites like are also helpful in locating honeymoon spots for gay couples. Fromer’s and Fodor’s both have gay sections in their guidebooks, and can tell you about any places to avoid, or any precautions you need to make.

Do think twice about typically “cruisy” spots when planning your honeymoon. Fire Island is fabulous, so is the Russian River, so is Gay Club Med, and so are, well, gay cruises. The only problem is that most people take these trips to meet singles, and so your romantic getaway may feel a bit crowded or sordid because of the guy down-deck mixing a margarita in his mouth!

Should you decide to travel abroad, a good travel agent who deals with gay couples can find you hotels in Austria, Paris, South America, and a million other places around the world. Also, ask your gay friends where they vacationed; they often have the best references. Check out Out Traveler, which has up to the date information on the hottest gay destinations in the world.  One final precaution: Like every other traveler, don’t forget the sunblock!

-David Toussaint

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