Postponing Your Honeymoon
Putting Off Paradise for a Later Time

While honeymoons are the stuff that wedding dreams are made of, they can’t always be granted immediately.  The etymology of “honeymoon” dates back to the 16th century, and the idea that "the first month of marriage is the sweetest," but many modern couples are enjoying that sweetness up to a year after their weddings.

Several factors can cause a honeymoon delay: Finances, job obligations, setting up your new home, or simple fatigue. The days when the bride and groom were automatically expected to fly off to paradise the night of their wedding are gone. In our more hectic (and practical) times, it’s common and acceptable to delay travel plans.

Paradise lost and found.
To ensure that you don’t feel that you’re “missing out,” set a date ahead of time. Postponing your honeymoon is one thing, but postponing it indefinitely is another!  Talk you your groom about a good time, and stick to that date.  More and more happy couples are finding that the 6 month or year anniversary is a romantic time to go.

There are plenty of benefits to waiting: Getting married in the winter but want to save a bundle on Caribbean rates?  Book now for off-season travel time and you’ll have the trip on your calendar. (Plus, you’ve got plenty of time to shop for those oh-so-important swimsuits!) Even if you’re going to year-round pleasure palace Las Vegas, you can book way in advance, and save on travel fees.

Know that people will be curious as to why you’re postponing, but they probably won’t be surprised.  Unless there’s a personal reason not to speak the truth, tell them why you’re putting your trip on hold.

On the personal side, one of the advantages of delaying a honeymoon is that you have time to rest. After months of wedding planning, you might find the idea of hopping on a plane, packing, finding someone to take care of Fido, etc., is too much. Relax, and don’t do it…yet. Instead, a great option is to rent out a hotel for the night of your wedding and have a mini-moon, complete with room service, champagne, flowers (be sure to tell the hotel that it’s your wedding night!), and turned-off cell phones.

Another option is to rent out a home in the country for a weekend, or ask a good friend if you can stay at their place. Alone time, wherever it is, is the frosting on top of that cake you sliced.

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6/9/2010 9:35:45 PM

Postponing the Honeymoon

I am exhausted after all the wedding planning and meetings. I definietly want to just spend a quiet night in a hotel room with room service rather than go away and have to worry about packing and taking care of my puppy.