Traveling Together Before Your Wedding

If you and your fiancé want some alone time before the wedding planning gets crazy, you can always take a pre-honeymoon trip. Not to be confused with the actual honeymoon (or even a pre-wedding honeymoon), traveling before your wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your engagement in a romantic setting, without all the noise and hoopla of friends and relatives.

Pre-wedding travel has become more common for a few reasons: Vacation deals pop up at different times, and it’s nice to take advantage of discounts when they occur. Also, gone are the days when flying to Europe took 24 hours and three layovers—it’s generally much easier to travel. You may also be postponing your honeymoon for a while, in which case even an early-weekend getaway to a B&B can be a great beginning to your engagement period.

Should you be considering traveling pre-wedding, it’s best to take the vacation before any of the planning begins. You want to be alone without any stress, and even the earliest of ceremony arrangements can be hectic.  Next, figure out your budget, and decide on the place and time of year.

If your vacation is season-specific (the New England Fall colors, California River Rafting), you’re going to need to plan far in advance. You may have to delay your wedding date to give yourselves enough time after the vacation.  It’s important to make all those decisions before setting any kind of engagement timetable or reminding friends and loved ones to keep their calendars open.

You don’t have to have spend a huge chunk of savings on your pre-wedding vacation. If you’ve been planning a trip to Italy for years, and don’t want to go there on your honeymoon, take advantage of the opportunity now. However, traveling abroad is not your only option. You can pack the car or hop on a train or bus and hit an attraction you’ve always wanted to see—Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Key West—or you can drive up the coast or return to that wonderful New England inn where you shared your first long weekend together. 

This is also the time to take advantage of off-season rates (late spring through October) in places like the Caribbean or New Orleans. The fun will still exist, but the relaxed atmosphere will be perfect for your smooth-love mood. Should your hearts be set on an action-packed trip (skiing, sky diving, SCUBA diving, touring far-off places like Asia or Australia), traveling before the wedding makes good sense, as you’ll probably want to chill-out a bit on your actual honeymoon.

Wherever you decide to go and whenever you plan it, make sure you set aside time to sit by a fireside, share a romantic dinner, or simply take a long walk enjoying the company of your love.

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