Pre-Wedding Honeymoons

Is It Okay to Travel Before Your Big Day?

Over the years, aspects of weddings change. One newer trend to emerge is taking the honeymoon before the wedding. There are several reasons to vacation early, and some pros and cons and adjustments on your part. Read on for romantic tips.

Since there is no “rule” against honeymooning early, you might consider it for a number of factors. If you’re moving into a new home after the ceremony, starting a new job, planning a family, or just so excited about being husband and wife that you don’t want to get up and go, think about taking time off early. There are also times when an amazing trip presents itself, or a wonderful budget-friendly deal, and the timing doesn’t coincide with post-wedding months.

Before you start packing, do keep in mind how it’s going to affect your wedding. It’s not wise to travel once you’ve started the initial wedding planning. For one, you’re going to get behind schedule; almost as bad, you’ll have vendors and parents and friends all interrupting your honeymoon to ask about wedding details. The smartest thing to do is to take your honeymoon right after the engagement, but before you’ve started any of the initial planning. Tell your friends and loved ones that you’re getting married, then remind them not to call while you’re away.

Another precaution to leaving early is that unknowing guests might buy you a present that is geared for a honeymoon. You can have your nearest and dearest get the word out that you’re already on your honeymoon, but should you wind up with snorkeling gear as a gift, write in the thank-you note how much it will come in handy the next time you head off to the Caribbean.

Times have changed since couples were expected to leave for their honeymoon directly after the reception, but you’ll probably get some questions about your adjusted plans. The best way to deal with quizzical guests is to tell them that you wanted to get away early so you could enjoy your marriage, especially the wonderful gifts you’ve received from your friends. 

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