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Putting Your Honeymoon on Your Wedding Registry

Got china? If you’re home is already stocked with the basic registry items, either because you’ve had a previous marriage, you’ve lived with your spouse for a long time, or you’re just a big shopper, you might want to consider registering for something more exotic—say, a tropical honeymoon, or a vacation later on.

Group registry.

Lest you think such an idea is too pricey to make one guest ante up, honeymoon registries are common practice, as are travel registries, and usually formed as a group gift. You decide on the place you’re planning to visit, then have a close friend or relative tell people they can donate to the fund. Some honeymoon sites will have a specific registry, or you can work through a company like American Express. You can also create the registry yourself, by simply stating that “checks will be used to help send us off to Bora-Bora.” There’s no need to be more specific than that, but if you prefer, you can give details of the exact location you’ll be going to, the hotel you’ll be staying at, and any other adventures. You can have a separate registry for airfare, or include that in the same registry—since many honeymoon packages include airfare, this might not be necessary.

To avoid hurt feelings, remind your friends that they should never tell guests how much to contribute, or reveal how much they gave themselves. In the same way that you don’t want one friend to brag about the money he spent on a microwave, you wouldn’t want the same friend to brag about the fact that his donation paid for your honeymoon suite. Gift-giving in any form should never be a competition.

Travel registry tips.

Like every other form of gift-giving, some people won’t like the idea, and you need to respect their choice. You can simplify things by registering at a place that accommodates your trip—if you’re planning a week at a country club, register at a sports store. Trekking through the Andes? Camera equipment and hiking supplies are a must. For a honeymoon package, register at Victoria Secret (for you), and Kenneth Cole (for him). Luggage stores are a great idea too.

In addition, always register somewhere simple and cheap, for the people on your list who want to go their own way.  Try stores like Target, Macy’s, or Bed, Bath & Beyond, so that all your loved ones have as many opportunities as they need when choosing the gift they think is perfect for you.  This way everyone will be a happy camper!

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