Reserving Hotel Rooms for Guests

Tips on Lodging for Long-Distance Travelers

If you’re having many out-of-towners for your wedding, it’s a smart idea to reserve blocks of hotel rooms ahead of time. By doing this, you save travelers the trouble of finding their own lodgings (and, perhaps getting stuck in a run-down motel), and you can probably save them some cash. The less they have to worry about in regards to hotels, the more fun they can have during your wedding festivities.

Many hotels offer discounts if you block a group of rooms ahead of time; a common minimum is 10 rooms. You should do this immediately after you’ve picked your site, so you can compare prices, and make sure you there are rooms available. If you are having a large amount of guests, it’s common to book rooms in different hotels, so guests have a variety of prices and locations to choose from. It’s smart to keep your wedding party together, in the hotel where you reception is being held, or in a place very close to your ceremony site.

On a side note, not all hotels will offer you a discount, even if you claim to be royalty having your wedding abroad. You can’t assume you’ll get cheaper rates, another reason to compare prices.

Once you book the rooms, inform guests immediately, either by email, a separate card, or on your wedding website. (Many couples will use all three methods.) Let them know the prices, and, if you have options, how soon they need to choose which lodgings they prefer. Make sure you send them all hotel information; location, amenities, nearby sites, etc.

Inform your guests that they are not required to stay at a hotel you’ve picked, as some friends and relatives might prefer renting their own B&B, or staying with friends. This is especially common with out-of-town guests who are using your wedding as a good excuse to have a mini-vacation once the festivities are over.

You are under no obligation to pay for guests’ lodging, even if you find them the hotel. All you are required to do is find them the best hotel you can, at the best price, so that their trip is as relaxed and stress-free as possible. If the hotel doesn’t provide one, make sure you arrange gift baskets for the long-distance traveler. It’s a wonderful way to say thank you for making our day even more wonderful than it already is.

-David Toussaint

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