Romantic Wedding Renewal Locations

2 Great Destinations to Consider

Choosing between many lovely romantic destinations largely depends on who will be joining you on your excursion. If you are taking your entire immediate and/or extended family, then you will want to choose a place that members of various ages will enjoy. However, if just the two of you are going on a second honeymoon, then you should choose your dream destination.

  1. Hawaii: As far as family vacation ideas, Hawaii is difficult to beat. There is no limit to the things that everyone in the family can do, including hiking, whale watching, water sports, swimming, tennis, golf and turtle watching. Not only that, but Hawaii is a beautiful setting for a wedding renewal. You could also take your entire family out to a luau as the sun is setting.

  2. Italy: A classic romantic destination, Italy is brimming with appeal, with gorgeous countrysides, sensual food, amazing wineries, incredible restaurants, fun and vivacious people, and a wealth of interesting cities and regions to explore. If you have always wanted to go to Florence but never got the chance, now is the time. Other great places include Rome, Venice, Verona, Tuscany, or Lake Como. Remember that cities in Europe are more difficult to take the entire family to, and it would be more feasible to plan a trip for just the two of you.

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