Top 4 Eco Honeymoon Resorts

Tips for Planning a Green Honeymoon

With more and more people looking to "go green," it's no surprise that eco honeymoon destinations are growing in popularity. Start your green honeymoon planning journey with a top environmentally friendly honeymoon resort.

Top 4 Eco Honeymoon Resorts

  1. Arenas del Mar Beach & Nature Resort, Costa Rica
    Who says you can't shrink your carbon footprint while enjoying a little luxury? The Arenas del Mar Beach & Nature Resort provides the romance of a beachside honeymoon resort while respecting the surrounding rain forest. Your eco honeymoon is guaranteed to be solar-powered and energy-efficient.

  2. Maho Bay Camp, St. John, Virgin Islands
    While the eco honeymoon trend may be new, Maho Bay Camp has been offering sustainable vacations for almost three decades. Guests stay in tent-cottages that were made by hand and connected with elevated walkways in order to preserve the natural environment. This honeymoon resort offers a chance to not only protect the environment, but to connect with it along beaches and hiking trails.

  3. The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa, Sonoma County, Calif.
    If your honeymoon planning doesn't involve visions of remote locations, consider a trip to this luxury spa. The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa practices conservation, but doesn't take away the television and mini-bar.

  4. Aspen Mountain Ski Resort, Pitkin County, Colorado
    There's no rule that says a honeymoon resort has to be on a beach. If you prefer snow to sand, the Aspen Mountain Ski Resort offers a chance to hit the slopes without hurting the planet. The resort was built with an eye toward habitat protection and practices water and energy conservation.

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