Your Budget Ruining Your Honeymoon?

It's Not the Honeymoon Budget that Makes the Honeymoon!

Some couples forego their honeymoon completely due to lack of funds. But with the proper planning and honeymoon budget, you don't have to be one of those couples. Regardless of how big or small your budget is, the following ideas will get you relaxing and enjoying each other on a honeymoon to remember.

All About Planning
The most important part of planning a fantastic yet cheap honeymoon is that you get on the ball first thing. The earlier you start shopping around and book those plane tickets and room reservations the better deal you're likely to receive. Planning a trip is exciting, but don’t let that excitement get the best of you and cause you to make a rash decision. View your honeymoon trip as you would any big purchase and shop around to compare costs. Consider setting a wedding date that's not during peak travel times for your preferred destination.

Luxury or Length?
Figure out what your priorities are for your honeymoon; would you rather take a long trip with little luxury or a short trip with lots of luxury? If you’re a sucker for massages and amazing meals, then take a weekend trip someplace fabulous and indulge your heart out.

Hire a Travel Agent
The cost of a travel agent is well worth the money you’ll save just by working with a professional who knows how to book trips on a budget. A travel agent will be able to find honeymoon vacation packages and give you tips on all-inclusive honeymoon destinations. Travel agents are privy to specials and sales that you may not be aware of. Hiring an agent also takes the pressure and stress off of you, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your wedding. Communicate your budget to your travel agent and he or she will find the best trip for your buck.

All Hail the Honeymoon Registry
This is one of the best ideas as far as honeymoon budgets are concerned. Instead of registering at a department store for that fancy china you don't have room to store and can purchase down the road, register a honey fund and have your wedding guests each pay an amount of their choosing that goes directly toward paying for your honeymoon. Some honey funds are set up so that guests have a choice of what exactly they're paying for; for example, a guest could contribute $50 toward a couples' massage.

Stay Local
Pick a destination that’s within driving distance. This will cut out your airfare and car rental fees. Turn it into a fun road trip for you and your new hubby. If you live in proximity to the coast, a leisurely drive along the ocean will be both aesthetically pleasing and inspirational. Don't forget to make a love-song mix for the drive in advance.

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