Newark Bakers Guide

Getting Your Wedding Cake in North Jersey

North New Jersey bakers abound on the small towns that abut the Hudson River. In the morning you might have Danish, for tea, a blueberry muffin, and for your wedding day, the works! Finding the right Newark cake baker is a matter of knowing what you want, then getting to the heart, soul, and filling of the matter. Read on for delicious tips.

Start your Newark wedding cake baker search about 6 months’ prior to your wedding date. Most caterers offer cake as part of the package, and couples go this route for simplicity and efficiency, and to keep costs down. If you’re looking for something more complicated or stylized, hire a baker.

When searching, ask friends and relatives, vendors, and anyone who’s served you a fabulous dessert. If your favorite restaurant makes a red velvet cake that’s to die for, find out who their baker is. Your cake can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 (for 100 guests), depending on the baker, your type of cake, and how many you need (some couples opt for more than one cake). Before talking to bakers, write down flavors you love, check out wedding cake sites, and bring in photos of cakes that caught your eye.

A reliable baker will guide you through the cake process, even if you have a good idea of the confection you’d like. Generally, he’ll show you three kinds; something trendy, something traditional, and something he’s famous for. Even if you have your heart set on Chocolate Chip Mocha, it won’t hurt to get a taste of his ideas.

Cupcakes are extremely popular now, tiered and served as the main cake, or as a second “cake” in the same or different flavor. They also make great favors. Carrot cake’s delish, and savvy bakers do it without nuts (for those of you with allergies). Always go over diet restrictions with your baker before narrowing down your choices.

Groom cakes are back, and no longer gender- or flavor-specific. Granted, if your guy wants a cake in the shape of a football, let him have it. But groom cakes have moved on from their traditional “macho” image, and are often served more as an alternative-flavor dessert.

When you’re ready to get serious about fluff, check the Northern New Jersey Local Vendor Section for a great list of first-tier wedding cake bakers in Newark.

If your budget is a big concern, order one cake. Another cost-cutter is to make tiers small and have a sheet cake in the back, which the caterers slice and serve. Cakes can also take the place of the dessert course.

The baker you hire will deliver the cake to your site the day of the wedding, and make sure proper storage will keep your cake fresh until serving time. In the contract, make sure there are no surprise fees, and that anything “offered” as a gift does not cost extra. If you ask for any special requests, discuss the fee ahead of time and have it stated in writing.

-David Toussaint

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