Considering a Spring Wedding
Planning Your Springtime Wedding

Spring has a long association with rebirth and starting anew, so it’s no coincidence that couples love to get married during this precious time of year.  Many of the benefits are obvious: In most parts of the country, Spring offers some of the best weather, neither too hot nor too cold. If you are marrying outside or having an outside reception, you might have the added bonus of blossoms that look like they burst out just for you.  On the downside, the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” was written for a reason: Rain is common almost everywhere during springtime, and makes an outdoor ceremony a more risky choice… one that must always come with a rain plan.

Like summer, another advantage of springtime is the extra daylight, which can mean more time frolicking on the beach, or less electrical lighting in your backyard affair. The food will hold up in milder temperatures, and you’re not at the time of year (yet) where mosquitoes make their annual wedding raids. The “little buggers” are around though, so outside affairs do requite protection (for you and the food).

Take a walk around any plush neighborhood or park to get an idea of the abundance of Spring flowers available. Tulips, daffodils, freesia, birds of paradise, orchids… the list goes on. An even bigger advantage is how many of these blooms grow in all parts of the country (hello, roses!).

Spring weddings make wonderful sense if you live in a part of the country where winter is too unpredictable and summer, too hot (Texas, Florida, New York).  Whereas Florida and Texas winter weather can be mild, it can also be surprisingly cold. New York, as well as much of New England, can be unforgivably brutal during the colder months.

Your budget for a Spring affair may be a bit higher than other times of the year, because it’s busier and vendors are more in-demand, but there are always ways to balance out the expanse a little: backyard receptions, beach weddings, BBQ refreshments…  Should you be having an outside ceremony, an adjacent rainy-day alternative is a must. The other choice is to provide tents, which are wonderfully chic, but will add a significant chunk to your budget. For your own well-being, make sure you and your wedding party have a cold-front dress plan. Those sudden Spring chills can creep up any time after dark; have a shawl or wrap or other dress-complementary fashion choice worked out ahead of time. That way, all you’ll need to concentrate on is the Spring fever of your excitement!