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Instances Brides Often Overlook
Veiling the Bride & Breaking a Glass
Exploring Jewish Wedding Traditions
Not Inviting Certain Relatives
What to Do Before You Exclude Anyone
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Add Funny Notes about Your Wedding Party
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Borrowing Wedding Traditions from Around the World
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Throwing Rice & the Bridal Bouquet
Ringbearer Outfits, Duties and Gifts
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Mother of the Groom Duties
What's Her Role and Responsibilities?
Toddler Flower Girls
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Is It Okay to Travel Before Your Big Day?
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Dealing with Jealous Bridesmaids
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How to Include the Younger Members of Your Bridal Party
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Hiring Friends as Wedding Vendors
When Is It Okay for Loved Ones to Work Your Wedding?
Guests’ Destination Wedding Expenses
How to Help Long-Distance Travelers
Editing Your Marriage Script
Change the Officiant’s Wording to Reflect Your Values
Processional 101
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Polite Answers to 5 Rude Questions
Be Prepared with Classy Responses
The After-Wedding Brunch
Advice for the Morning After Meal
Escort and Place Cards
Creative Ideas for Your Reception
Wedding Readers
A Guide to Ceremony Speakers
Missing Your Groom at Your Wedding
Too Often You’re Too Busy to Spend Time Together
Bridal Shower Gift Themes
Fun Party Themes that Will Leave You Glowing
Get-to-Know-You Games
Make Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Fun!
Pre-Ceremony Wedding Pictures
Taking Early Photos on Your Big day
Post-Wedding Traditions
Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Married Life
Hyphenating Names
Connecting Your Surnames When You Marry
Grooms Taking Brides’ Names
When He Opts to Take Your Surname
The Rehearsal Dinner Speech
Write a Spectacular Speech for the Rehearsal Dinner
Donations as Favors
Charity & Your Wedding Day
Great Rehearsal Dinner Toasts
Tips for Getting Everyone to Raise their Glasses
The Dollar Dance
A Reception Tradition Which Remains Popular
The Bridal Purse
A Traditional Garment for Collecting Wedding Gifts
Your Married Name
The Rules to Changing Your Name
After Your Wedding
Obligations & Traditions Following the Vows
The Receiving Line
The Rules to Greeting Your Wedding Guests
Start Your Own Marriage Traditions
Married Life is an Adventure -- Celebrate Its Milestones
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette
Basic Rules to Host the Evening
Who to Invite to Your Shower
The Do’s and Don’ts of Pre-Wedding Parties
Wedding Cake Alternatives
Taking Tradition & Adding As Much Meaning as Flavor!
Paying for Guests’ Transportation
Covering Travel Costs for Your Wedding
The Unity Sand Ritual
Incorporating the Tradition into Your Wedding
Who Does What?
The Final Word on Wedding Party Planning
Choosing Your Bridal Shower Theme
Choose Your Theme & the Rest Will Follow!
Co-Ed Bridal Shower Games
Avoid Racy and Stick to Games & Prizes for Everyone
Divorced Family Wedding Etiquette
Making Sure Separated Parents Are Comfortable
Bridal Shower Thank You Notes
The Proper Way to Show Your Appreciation
My Brothers, His Groomsmen
Incorporating In-Laws Into Your Ceremony
How to Shop for a Bridal Shower
Planning on attending someone else's shower? Guests to your shower need some help?
Interfaith Wedding Planning
Planning a Mixed-Religion Marriage
What Men Should Wear to a Wedding
What Style of Menswear is Appropriate for Weddings and Why
What to Wear to a Wedding
How ladies should dress when attending a wedding.
Tough Love for Brides
Reception Rules You Don’t Want to Break
Bridesmaid Organization and Duties
What's Expected of Your Bridal Party
Thanking Your Attendants
The Etiquette of Showing Appreciation for Your Wedding Party
Jewish Wedding Traditions
What to Expect at a Jewish Wedding
Exchanging and Returning Gifts
The Do’s and Don’ts for Unwanted Wedding Presents
Office Bridal Showers
The Rules of Work-Related Wedding Parties
An Easy Guide to Bridesmaid Gifts
What to Give Your Bridal Party as a 'Thank You'
Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts
What to Get the Guys in Your Wedding Party
Premarital Counseling
Preventative Medicine for Marriage
Invitation Etiquette 101
The Right Way to Invite Guests to Your Wedding
Global Wedding Traditions
International Rituals to Consider for Your Big Day
Bridesmaid Dresses They'll Love
Let Them Have Dresses They'll Wear Again
Early Gifts Etiquette
What to Do About Gifts Before Your Wedding
Short Skirted Wedding Gowns
Deciding Whether a Shorter Skirt is Appropriate for You
Sharing Your Sexual Past
Discussing Your Ex-Boyfriends
Must Brides Wear Veils?
The Tradition of Bridal Headpieces
Irish Wedding Traditions
Adding Celtic Touches to Your Big Day
Unwanted Announcements
Keeping it "Your Day"
Getting Your Groom More Involved
Putting Your Fiancé to Work
Altar and Aisle Decorations
Specifics of Church Ornamentation
Corsages and Boutonnieres
The Tradition of Flowers for Your Wedding Party
Baptist Wedding Planning
Traditions & Rituals of Baptist Weddings
Announcing Your Engagement
Let Everyone in on the Excitement of Your Upcoming Wedding
Your Traveling Family
Getting Your Family to Travel a Great Distance for Your Wedding
Not Planning Your Shower
Leaving Your Wedding Shower Planning to Your Maid of Honor
When Parents Are Paying
How Receiving Financial Assistance Affects Your Wedding Planning
The Order to the Aisle
How Your Wedding Party Should Proceed Down the Aisle
Mexican Wedding Planning
Traditions & Rituals for a Modern Mexican American Wedding
Who You're Expected to Tip
Which Wedding Vendors Traditionally Receive Extra Gratuity?
Late Arrivals to Your Ceremony
Polite Ways to Handle Tardy Wedding Guests
Multiple Maids of Honor
When You Can’t Choose Just One
Preparing For the Speeches
What to Expect and How to Handle Your Wedding Reception Speeches
Unique Wedding Favor Ideas
Thank Them with Personalized Gifts
Invited Only to the Reception
The Etiquette of Inviting Someone to Your Wedding Party, But Not Your Wedding
Colorful Bridal Gowns
Considering the Beauty and Etiquette of a Non-White Wedding Gown
Too Many Bridesmaids
How Many is Too Many?
Italian American Weddings
Old World Traditions with Modern Touches
Saying No to Guest List Additions
How to Let People Know Your Wedding List Is Full
Involving Mom in Your Planning
How to Let the Moms Help You Plan Your Wedding
Personalized Wedding Vows
Writing Your Own Marriage Vows
Telling Guests What to Wear
Dress Codes & Guidelines at Your Wedding
When Guests Don’t RSVP
How to Follow Up on Who’s Attending Your Wedding
The Tradition of White
Exploring Colorful Wedding Dresses
Considering an Adults-Only Ceremony
Should Children Be Included at Your Wedding?
Updates for Modern Wedding Etiquette
Wedding Rules Change with the Times
Changing Your Wedding Party
Is It Ever Okay to “Fire” an Attendant?
Wedding Traditions to Retire
Updating Your Wedding Rituals
Welcoming Out of Towners
Making Your Out of Town Wedding Guests More Comfortable
Enjoying Two Bridal Showers
Formal & Informal Wedding Shower Tips
Inviting Your “B List”
The Right Way to Handle Secondary Invitations
Wedding Toasts: Cheers!
When to Toast and When to Roast
Alternate Escorts For the Aisle
When Dad Can’t “Give You Away”
Wedding Wine Rituals
Major Libation Rituals for Weddings
Giving Gifts to Your Wedding Party
The Etiquette of Saying "Thank You"
Sending Thank-You Notes
How to Thank Your Wedding Guests
Balancing Family Wedding Traditions
Planning a Modern Wedding Your Whole Family Will Love
Planning Your Second Wedding
Modern Remarriage Etiquette
Inviting Those Who Won’t Attend
Should They Get a Wedding Invitation Anyway?
Modern Wedding Etiquette
What Every Bride Should Know Now
Engraving Your Ring
Personalizing Your Wedding Band
The Groom’s Cake
Including a Sweet Alternative to Celebrate Your Groom
The Garter Toss
Incorporating the Bridal Garter Toss into Your Wedding Reception
Cutting Your Wedding Cake
How to Gracefully Cut Your Wedding Cake at Your Reception
Throwing Your Bouquet
The History & Etiquette of Throwing the Bridal Bouquet
Responding to Your Invitations
What to Expect from the Guests You Invite to Your Wedding
Participant Alternatives
Modern & Unusual Flower Girls, Ring Bearers and More!
Planning Your Chinese Wedding
Incorporating Chinese Traditions into Your Modern Wedding
Letting Dad Help You Plan
Fathers are Often Excluded from Wedding Planning
Your Flower Girl
Selecting the Perfect Flower Girl for Your Wedding
Your Wedding Guest Book
Treasure Your Guests' Love
Writing Your Own Vows
Creating Marriage Vows Unique to Your Bond
Whether to Throw Rice
The Truth About the Tradition's Effect on Birds
The Bridezilla Effect Part 2
Learning from Bridezilla's Mistakes
Finding Your “Something Borrowed”
A Charming Wedding Tradition for Your Walk Down the Aisle
Acknowledging Mom at Your Wedding
Thanking Your Mother for She Has Done to Get You Here
Organizing Your Ushers
Preparing Your Wedding Party for the Big Event
Church Wedding Seating Guide
Who Sits Where in the Church?
Planning Your Thai Wedding
Traditions of Thai American Weddings
Thanking Mom & Dad
Showing that You Appreciate All They Have Done
Groomsmen Thank-Yous
Thanking Your Groom's Best Friends
Avoiding Unwanted Guests with Grace
Inviting Who You Want to Your Wedding, Without Hurting Feelings
Your Protestant Wedding
The Traditions & Rituals of Traditional Protestant Weddings
Jewish Wedding Planning
The Traditions & Rituals of a Modern Jewish Wedding
Last Minute In-Law Introductions
Meeting Your Parents-In-Law at the 11th Hour
Same-Sex Wedding Planning
Planning Your gay Wedding
Adults-Only Ceremony
Considering Not Inviting Children to Your Wedding
Your Ring Bearer
The Tradition & Duties of the Ring Bearer
Buddhist Wedding Planning
The Traditions & Rituals of Modern Buddhist Weddings
What Your Guests Really Want
Wedding Guests Reveal What They Expect and Look For
Muslim Wedding Planning
Traditions & Rituals of Modern Muslim Weddings
The Unity Candle
The Protestant Wedding Ritual of Joining Two Families is Growing in Popularity Again
The Best Man
The Duties and Responsibilities of the Groom's Right Hand Man
Southern Wedding Planning
Traditions & Rituals of Weddings in a Southern State
Second Wedding Planning
Remarriage Rituals & Etiquette
Bridal Shower Game Ideas
Fun and Silly Activities for Your Wedding Shower
The Maid of Honor
Choosing Your Maid, or Matron, of Honor
Catholic Wedding Planning
Traditions & Rituals of Catholic Weddings
The Bridezilla Effect, Part 1
Avoid Becoming a Scary Bride
The Mother of the Groom
The Duties and Responsibilities of the Groom's Mother
Jumping the Broom
Considering the Debated African Wedding Tradition in Modern Times
Japanese Wedding Planning
Traditions & Rituals of Japanese American Weddings
Parents' Names on Your Invites
Including Your Family on Your Wedding Invitations
Requesting Cash
Asking for Money Rather than Gifts for Your Wedding
Wedding Favors Etiquette
What to Give as Gifts for Your Wedding Guests