Your Flower Girl
Selecting the Perfect Flower Girl for Your Wedding

Lest you think the Flower Girl is just a sweet wedding accessory, that adorable
little girl brings a lot of history down your bridal path. The role of Flower Girl dates back to Greek and Roman times, when children would scatter grains and herbs in the bride’s path as a symbol of fertility. In medieval times, the Girls waved grains of wheat.

Blossom babies.

While the symbolism may have been somewhat forgotten, the tradition is as strong as ever. The Flower Girl, usually aged three to eight, walks down the aisle right after the Ring Bearer and just before the Maid of Honor. Sometimes the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer are paired up, and you can also have your Flower Girl walk down the aisle immediately after you. She often scatters rose petals, but there’s not set rule as to petal pushing. The Flower Girl can blow bubbles, throw confetti, or simply hold some blooms.

As for her outfit, it’s common to have her dress in a mini-version of the bridesmaids’ ensemble. Once again, that’s your choice. Many Flower Girls wear their own outfits; as long as it doesn’t clash with the wedding colors or the other dresses, whatever you decide is fine.

Little miss musts.

When you pick your Flower Girl (and yes, you can have more than one), make sure she’s up to the task. Children tend to be shy in large crowds, so carefully explain her duties and then let her rehearse. She should either sit with her parents after walking down the aisle, or, if she’s mature enough, stand with the bridesmaids. Make sure she’s comfortable in her outfit (no last-minute fittings for this little star), and be prepared for anything. If she chickens out at the last-minute, don’t pressure her to stay in the wedding party; that will only make her more uncomfortable. And remember, while the symbolism and tradition is strong, her added love at your ceremony is a bond that can’t be broken.
-David Toussaint
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