Gothic Wedding Cake Designs

Fun & Unusual Ideas

Once you’ve chosen your Gothic wedding theme, you’ll find many ways to sprinkle it throughout your big day—your wedding dress, wedding color scheme, décor, and last, but not least, your wedding cake. Deciding between one or more
wedding cake designs is easy when you have a specific theme guiding you.

A dress shaped wedding cake is a trend that’s growing, and could work perfectly with your Gothic theme.
Gothic gowns, specifically wedding gowns, are typically large ball gowns with a number of embellishments. Imagine your wedding cake as a replica of a Gothic gown, adorned with lace frosting, multi-tiers, and a chocolate corset.

Another cake shape that adheres to the Gothic style is a castle cake. Do some research (or pass this task on to your cake designer) on Gothic architecture and have your wedding cake replicate that style. Make sure your castle cake is adorned with stained glass windows to give it a nice burst of color.

Express your Gothic wedding style by the color palette you choose for your wedding cake. Black, white, and red are popular Gothic colors that would look fantastic on your wedding cake. Another option is to have cupcake wedding cakes instead of a traditional cake, and alternate the three Gothic colors with cupcakes. For example, if you have 100 wedding guests, then one third of the cupcakes could be black, one third red, and the rest white.

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