Wedding Cakes w/ Chocolate Frosting

2 Yummy Design Ideas

When you think of wedding cake designs, you probably think of white or ivory frosting on the outside. This is the most classic and elegant approach. However, this means that you are limited to frostings that are white, such as butter cream, vanilla, or cream cheese frosting (which can give a bit of a yellow hue). However, if you are a chocolate lover, here are two ideas for whimsical and modern wedding cakes that demand chocolate frosting on the outside:

  • Chocolate Leaves & Petals: The chocolate leaves and petals wedding cake is covered in dark chocolate curls that resemble petals and leaves, with a moist hazelnut mocha cake beneath. This cake is especially great for autumn weddings, or for spring weddings, cover it with lavender, for a chocolate brown and lavender color combination.

  • Coffee Wedding Cake: For those who love coffee and chocolate, this cake is done in three layers (each with a different shade of mocha, progressively getting lighter from bottom to top). Underneath is a delicious coffee cake with dark chocolate frosting inside.

Remember, if your caterer or bakery does not offer these designs, it is always possible to bring them a photo of a particular cake. They may not offer to do it, but if they do (and it’s a hit), it could become one of their signature wedding cake designs.

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