Cash Gifts in the Spotlight

If there's one aspect of gift giving that used to get everybody up in arms, it's the Great Debate over whether or not it's acceptable to gift money. There is a host of supporters in each camp, yet it seems that with each passing day it is becoming more and more acceptable to forgo the shopping marathon and simply hand over cold, hard cash.  As it turns out, cash is the preferred gift on the mind of 87% of brides.  Not surprisingly, even 67% of gift givers in the U.S. prefer to gift money when given the choice. 

There is not one thing that is causing this shift. The reasons are just as different as the people who hold them.

Household formation
Couples are getting married later in life than in the past – many newlyweds already have a place to call home, they have the furniture, dinnerware or cooking supplies and often need to register for less traditional gifts.

The advent of the "global village" means that people are enjoying greater exposure to multicultural customs and celebrations. Many cultures have a long history of giving loved ones cash to celebrate weddings or the birth of a child.

It can be frustrating to spend hours of your time searching for the "perfect" gift, only to discover later on that it was refunded or exchanged. Giving cash gifts can be much more practical and frankly everyone wins.

As frustrating as it can be for the giver to find a desirable gift, it's equally frustrating when the recipient is presented with three of the same items, or a gift that they simply can't use! For this reason, it seems that an increasing amount of newlyweds prefer to receive cash that they can use to purchase exactly what they need.

Naturally, not everyone is quite ready to make the switch. Most people are looking for a "happy medium" that allows them to add a personal touch to what would otherwise be an impersonal exchange of money. This explains the popularity of gift certificates - if you're not sure what gift to give, you usually have a pretty good idea of where that special someone likes or needs to shop.

Fortunately, makes cash gifting tasteful, convenient and secure.  Most of the time, the gift is purchased as if it were a regular item from your gift registry!

While cash gifts have unlimited uses, these are just some of the more popular cash gift registry items:
•    Honeymoon
•    Large ticket items
•    Home renovation
•    College savings fund
•    Activities
•    Personalized gift
•    Travel funds

All gift givers have the option to receive an elegant and personalized note card and a gift receipt that can be presented at your special event. 
Managing and withdrawing your cash gifts is a breeze through your eRegistry account dashboard.  For more information, visit the FAQ or email us at

For more traditional gift ideas, visit us at is a free, all-inclusive online gift registry which offers unlimited gift options, free wedding website, event tools and resources and 24/7 support.

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An envelope container will be provided.

If you hate doing shopping and hate the gift registry we will have a gift card note box and or money holder provided. Thank you Ron and Susie